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I write for Wright because it's so right.
=Phoenix Wright Fandom=
***Answers contain spoilers of PW1, PW2 and GS3 and 4***
***Translated from a Korean PW daum.net community. Original is written by Rochesty***

Q1. Welcome, witness. Please tell us your name and occupation.
Allin Aspire. Aspiring Pharmacist/translator/novelist lol.

Q2. And your age?

Q3. Current Location?
Toronto, Canada

Q4. Would you tell us your e-mail address?

Q5. Your gender?

Q6. Are you ready to answer the main portion of the Phoenix Wright 100 questions?
Yes, Your Honour.

Q7. Do you like Phoenix Wright?
Indeed I do.

Q8. How far have you played in the game?
Finished 2 and managed to spoil myself plots of 3.

Q9. From what route have you come in contact with the game?
Stealing Andrew’s DS. Or rather he was begging for help. Then I just didn’t give it back to him. lol

Q10. What aspect do you think is the highlight of playing Phoenix Wright?
Fitting turnabouts are awesome, but what’s better is the relatable and lovable characters.

Q11. Who's your favourite character in the game?
Miles and Nick are fighting for that first place in my heart. Personally, I can’t pick.

Q12. Who is the most memorable character?
Steel Samurai Director Sal. Him and his otaku 1337…

Q13. Who do you hate in the game?
No one. They all have their own fun moment.

Q14. What aspect of the game made you 'like' the game?
I love the moment after squeezing my brains for answer and finally providing the right evidence with a “TAKE THAT!”.

Q15. What did you not like about the game?
No objections what so ever. But I think a voice acting for the entire game would make it better.

Q16. What do you like about the game play?
It’s the merit of playing it with DS. Screaming OBJECTION, HOLD IT and TAKE THAT. It’s a great stress relief. lol

Q17. Who's your favourite 'normal' coupling? [Say there isn't one, if you don't have one]
EdgeworthxFranziska, or PhoenixMaya but these are like… siblings to me lol. You know, like taking care of younger sister. Of course, Franziska would crack her whip at me and say “Wrong! It’s like taking care of younger brother!” lol

Q18. Who's your least favourite 'normal' coupling? [Say there isn't one, if you don't have one]
EngardexAdrian. They stick around, but… it’s even less feasible than CorridaxAdrian.
Or there’s the freaky couples like April MayxNick and MilesxWendy *shudder*.

Q19. Who's your favourite 'yaoi' coupling? [Say there isn't one, if you don't have one]
EdgeworthxPhoenix!! All the waaaaaaay XD kyayaya

Q20. Who's your least favourite 'yaoi' coupling? [Say there isn't one, if you don't have one]
Am not picky. Feed me with it, I shall consume. [haha]

Q21. Who [or which couple] do you think would earn most money?
Prosecutor x Lawyer couple Miles and Nick! Ah, but with Nick’s luck with money he might eve eat away at Mile’s savings. lol. Mmm. How about Gant x Manfred von Karma? They’d save up and not lend it even to each other, so they’d have a lot of money. Realistically, Mia and Godot would earn and keep a lot, I think.

Q22. When did you first come in contact with PW?
That’s when Andrew first showed it to me… I don’t know, last September ish?

Q23. If you know a way to enjoy the game to the fullest, please tell us one.
If you are in an environment to do so, speak whenever possible. lol

Q24. Did you have any PW-related fun experience?
Yeah. Reading National Post article while walking in school corridor and giggle at the term ‘cross-examination’. lol

Q25. Did you get help from an FAQ or friends while playing the game? If you have, what percentage would that be?
FAQ, about 8% including both PW1 and PW2

Q26. Who do you think would live the longest?
Engarde. There’s a saying; “Hated people live the longest”. He would find a way to evade De Killer’s threats lol

Q27. Who do you think would die first? [not counting the already dead characters]
Maya. Sticking around Nick like that all the time, and with sense of logic even slimmer than Pearls, she makes a very good target and who’s to say a case like Engarde won’t happen again?

Q28. What's the funniest scene you found while playing the game?
Maya, after listening to Nick suggest ‘ask the fireman to spray you, instead of waterfall’, comes back to him with teary eyes saying ‘Nick, they yelled at me.’ And Nick answers ‘You really tired that?!’

Q29. Do you create PW-related fan works? [i.e. fan art, fan fiction]
Yes, fan arts, fan fictions and constant on-going day dreaming.

Q30. Who do you think have the funniest/most memorable name in the game?
Naruhodo Ryuichi. Original name of Phoenix Wright. Nothing beats that one lol

Q31. If they continue to make PW series, how many more do you think they should make?
Make as many as possible! I know I’ll play them all eventually anyways.

Q32. Do you have a game that you played and enjoyed just as much as you enjoyed PW?
Well there are other games [Zelda] that I played and loved [ZELDA] and still continue to like [ZELDAAA], but nothing compared to PW in its own right. lol

Q33. What is the most memorable line in the game?
“If I can earn that kind of money by bringing a glass of juice to people’s room, then why the hell am I prosecuting?!” – Miles Edgeworth

Q34. Who is your best 'comrade' in your love for PW?
Alex, Amir, Reyu, Joanne, Andrew haha

Q35. What's your opinion on PW being published as a manga?
Ignorance is bliss. I shall stick by this phrase once again.

Q36. If you can name us one reason why you like PW?

Q37. What do you want to have most, from the PW related merchandise?
Gyakuten Saiban OST! Game guide, and Official Anthologieeeeeees ACK! *SPAZ*

Q38. Has the game changed you in anyway while playing it? If it has, what is that change?
Err. It put me in eternal day-dream mode. I couldn’t help but crack a smile at the thought of PW no matter WHERE I was. I had trouble trying NOT to look stupid giggling everywhere for a good 3 weeks.

Q39. Have you tried to imitate a hairstyle of PW characters? If you have, who is it?
Yes. Maya’s. It sort of worked out.

Q40. Which character, do you think, would have the messiest room?
Detective Gumshoe. He would have no reason to clean the rooms out once in a while, not like Nick. [who I think comes very close to winning this title lol]

Q41. What was the most surprising fact about/regarding the game?
That I didn’t know about it during its GBA days.

Q42. What do you feel about being able to play PW in English?
It’s awesome; because translation seemed to have done a good job.

Q43. Among PW female characters, who do you think would cook best?
Adrian Andrews.

Q44. If you could define the game PW in 3 words or so?

Q45. Is there something you wish that the game could improve on?
More playable characters! Multiplayer mode! XD [beat your friend in a lawful argument! Present your evidence, bitch! lol]

Q46. What were you playing before PW?
WarioWare Touched

Q47. What is the most memorable evidence in the game?
The 4th Evidence that Franziska didn’t discover from Gumshoe’s jacket.

Q48. Among PW stories, what do you find the most mysterious [unresolved]?
Why Morgan would hold hands with Mimi [a complete stranger] to kill a complete stranger at her HOUSE to get rid of a family member. Her reasoning is understandable, but I wanted to hear more from her POV.

Q49. Who do you think is the heroine of the game?
Mia, no objection here.

Q50. Are you happy that we are half way there?
I didn’t even realize it was half way lol.

Q51. Who do you think is the best-looking male character?
MILES! Prosecution rests. lol

Q52. Who do you think is the best-looking female character?
Franzisca. Damn, what’s in that von Karma blood?

Q53. If you could have 'Magatama' from PW2, what would you do?
I’m gonna use it on Miles and get him to admit he likes Nick LOL It’s confession time, dear prosecutor. lol

Q54. Who do you think have most 'incomprehensible' hairstyle?
Yeah Nick. Other people’s hair at least fits what they are supposed to be. But… Lawyer? That Hair? Incomprehensible, indeed.

Q55. What do you think is the genre of PW?

Q56. How many people have you converted into liking PW?
Three and counting.

Q57. What is your favourite episode in both PW games?
Farewell, My Turnabout. It’s awesome.

Q58. How old do you think is the Judge?
99! No no, he’s a zombie! He sits there and never allowed to leave… [huh?]

Q59. If you can become one of PW characters, who do you want to be?
Miles Edgeworth.

Q60. How many times have you replayed PW1?
Only parts of it. First episode once, Farewell, My Turnabout once.

Q61. What's your favourite BGM?
Investigation Cornered from PW1. That’s when Nick corners the witness with a decisive evidence XD

Q62. If you could have 1 evidence that appears in the game?
Franziska’s Whip. Hehe.

Q63. Who is THE comic relief of the game?
Detective Gumshoe. I was thinking over this one for 5 minutes. Maya comes close, but if I have to pick one… Detective, you win. lol

Q64. Which episode gave you the most trouble getting through?
Rise from the Ashes

Q65. Among Elementary-Trio [Nick, Miles, Larry], who do you think would get married first?
Larry. Because Nick and Miles are pre-occupied, thinking about the weight of the importance regarding each other and their work. lol

Q66. What do you think of illegal imitation PW mobile game?
Find them all and BURN THEM as the sacrifice to PW3.

Q67. Do you have PW-related homepage? If you do, please give us the URL.
…should I try making one?

Q68. How many PW-related merchandises do you own?
Sadly none. Korean Web-malls don’t deliver to Canada.

Q69. In your opinion, is there a drawing/song that suits PW?
Lawyer’s in Love!!

Q70. Do you have a moment where you felt so bad/ sorry for Nick?
Yes, when he thought he lost Maya and scream and grab his head and fall silent.

Q71. Among Feys, who do you think would have least amount of psychic power?
Other women of Feys who are not mentioned lol. Apparently there are a lot of students.

Q72. Do you have any fun episode happening to you, while playing PW?
I screamed “Take THAT!” while shopping in the mall with mom and sis. People turned. I loved it lol

Q73. If you could have a trip with PW cast, who would you pick and where would you go?
With Miles on a romantic Caribbean crui…. ahem lol. I’ll take Adrian on a world tour to give her self confidence.

Q74. How many red [or derivatives thereof] suits do you think Miles Edgeworth has?
25. And the old ones would be rotated every 3 months.

Q75. Who do you think have the prettiest legs?
Police Chief Gant. He loves swimming. He’s got to have pretty legs to show off. lol

Q76. What would to do if you know someone who hates PW?
I will use all my lawyer skillz learned from PW and try to convince them. If they don’t convert, I’ll have my business with de Killer.

Q77. Who's the luckiest character is PW?
If anyone, it’d be Nick. Because he managed to call out a miracle, EVERYTIME.

Q78. What do you think of Takumi Shu, who is the scenario director of original PW?
I worship thee.

Q79. Do you have an instance where you pulled an all-nighter, or slept really late due to playing PW?
I pulled 48 hour non-stop PW gaming during a weekend, except to eat and go to washroom.

Q80. Is there a character [prosecutor or lawyer] that you think would be really fun to play as?
Godot. “Blasphemy! I shower you with my HOT coffee!!”

Q81. How much do you think Detective Gumshoe gets paid per month?
I think he pays back the work every month for all the deduction he had in his salary. lol.

Q82. What was the most funny/surprising illegal activity done by Nick while playing PW?
Presenting any evidence/testimony he got from Doctor Hotta as ‘legal’ evidence. lol

Q83. How much spray/gel do you think is required to make Nick's hair every morning?
None, it’s natural.

Q84. Who do you think is the most competent person in PW?
Lana Skye.

Q85. Which episode is most Phoenix Wright-like episode? [Most fitting to its theme]
Farewell, My Turnabout.

Q86. What's your favourite line among "Objection!" "Told it!" and "Take that!"?
“Objection!” It is, indeed classic.

Q87. Has your interest in law firm [or anything related to law] increased due to playing the game?

Q88. How long do you play PW once you start it?
Average 8 hours.

Q89. What would you feel is there is PW OVA?

Q90. Who do you think is the cutest character?
Ayasato Harumi, a.k.a. Pearl Fey. You there! NO DENYING! Feel the cuteness of Ayasato!

Q91. If you could give one 'villain' advice to hide their track better, which would it be, and what would you say?
I’d tell Richard to “BRING YOUR GLASSES, SHITHEAD”. Come on, Bananas of all things?

Q92. What do you think is the most heart-warming/touching scene?
Young Miles defending Young Phoenix, yeah, nothing beats this one. *melts*

Q93. Which is the best PW game of the series?
PW1 so far. I have a feeling that PW3 will be awesome.

Q94. How long did it take you to answer the questions until now?
Err, like all day. I translated for others, answered, then translated my answers again lol

Q95. What's your state of mind now that it's almost done?
Hehe, *glee* It was fun.

Q96. What do you think the creator of this questionnaire is like?
She’s someone who’s currently too lazy to rank me up at her café. DO IT NOW, I have lots of fictions to contribute to your community---!!

Q97. Why did you participate in PW questionnaire?
Because I love Nick and everyone.

Q98. What do you like green tea or coffee?
Green Tea

Q99. Would you continue to like PW?
Always! Forever and ever and ever.

Q100. Any last word?

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I don’t like how I end up being filled with such longing and unfulfilled want to be with them just a little longer. It always happens when I had a good day with my friends, and when it’s time to part – even when I know I must – I still want to be there just a bit longer - just a bit longer - in that pleasant company. I wish I can make it possible for us to stay together. But that’s just wistful thinking. I know, by all logic, friends must part at some point in time with reasons such as parents are calling us home, we are tired, and we have other things to do. But I feel, in my heart, that I just want to play a selfish child and make us – me – stay with each other just a bit longer. That’s what I wish. Just a bit longer. Let us enjoy this moment just a little longer, when it’s possible for us to be together at all.

Current Mood: discontent discontent

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Fic: Just Tonight
Title: Just Tonight
Author: Allin
Genre: romance, angst
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: don't own. don't sue. the usual.

It's a very short fic. It was late at night and the idea just came to me. The ficlet pretty much wrote itself. I think I could continue the story if people likes it. We'll see. ^^

Just tonight.Just one more night.Then I promise we’ll go our separate ways.Collapse )

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